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  • 2010-07-22 Expire Times: Bounces: 1 hour | Spam: 24 hour | DB Entry: 14 days
    This blacklist has been created because I got realy tired about blocking notorious spamers on every single SMTP Server I manage. This allows me to block the sender IP on all server at once and if some other people want to use my blacklist they are allowed to do so.

    Who get's listed

    I manualy add ip's and networks of spamhouses whose isp just never answered my complaints and spam kept arriving.
    Actualy I also built a spam trap the email address listme@blacklist.woody.ch and started to publish it on a few webpages and newsgroups with the comment that this would cause a blocking. I hope this way spamers that collected this address with email harverster software will add themself into this blacklist. I monitor every mail comming through that address and if it's not spam, I remove the IP from the list immediately and notify the sender not to continue to send emails. If the sender (for example a mailinglist) does not care about that notice and relists itself I'll respect that wish.

    How to get unlisted?

    Wirte a polite email to me, of course from an IP that is not listed, and tell me the problem is solved, and I'll remove your ip immediately. And tell me which IP you want to have removed.

    But I wrote to a scoutnet.org user...

    There are a few scoutnet.org users that started to get 100% spam and for that reason abandoned their email address. The 'old' adresses which got 100% spam got linked to the blocklist too as they are the best spamtrap I could find. If you did try to send a real emails to that user, I would probably have noticed as I get a copy of every email. If I haven't, see under "How to get unlisted".
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    Output from the Check, if empty the IP is not listed.
    ....[name of the blacklist] being tested.
    Spamcop History of that IP
    MultiRBL @ Valli.org